Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions asked when joining. For in-depth answers about our programs and policies, view our 2014-15 FAQ Bulletin:

FAQ 2014-15

How should my child dress for gymnastics?

Please make sure your child is properly dressed for gymnastics. We recommend that girls wear a body leotard (without an attached skirt) or shorts and T-shirt. We recommend boys wear a T-shirt and elastic waist shorts. Students should not wear clothes with any buckles, belts, or zippers. All participants must be in bare feet for safety reasons. For safety reasons participants must not wear any jewellery. Hair should be pulled away from the face into a ponytail with an elastic band.


Important Note: Dynamo is a Nut-Aware Facility. Please do not send your children to Recreational Classes or Camp Programs with snacks or lunches that contain nuts or are made in a facility that processes food containing nuts. (Please note that Dynamo cannot guarantee club facilities are Nut-Free, however, we do our best to educate visitors about being Nut-Aware. Our staff does check all snacks and lunches for nut products during our camp and classes snack times.)