Vision, Vision and Values:

Our Mission:

Dynamo Gymnastics strives to provide high-quality gymnastics programming in a positive, safe and enjoyable environment as part of an overall mission to support young athletes in their physical, mental and social development.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to become one of the leaders in the delivery of programs promoting the sport of gymnastics in Ontario.
In the delivery of every program Dynamo is committed to the core values of

  • Striving for and achieving excellence in everything we do
  • Celebrating every athletic accomplishment
  • Providing a safe, healthy inclusionary training and learning environment free of prejudice, harassment and bias
  • Promoting all the benefits of gymnastic participation
  • Ensuring professional, nurturing coaches and staff

Our Philosophy:

Active children become active adults. Early introduction to physical fitness is very important to a child’s health and general development. Dynamo’s professionally trained coaches guide young athletes through fundamental fitness regimens at a pace and level suitable and adaptable for every gymnast, regardless of ability. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where every athlete feels accepted, valued and respected

At Dynamo, we value your child’s well-being and development as much as you do. We focus our priorities and program delivery on the very same principles you do a home: respect, safety, balancing of challenges and developing lasting life skills. At Dynamo, we recognize the everlasting benefits of participating in organized sports like gymnastics. Developing young disciplined athletes through the sport of gymnastics will prepare them to handle future challenges and will undoubtedly enrich the lives of our community’s youth for years to come.