Competition seasons getting into full swing!


Dynamo Provincial Team heads to Windsor for first qual of the season

More excitement is in store for Dynamo’s provincial gymnasts who are heading to their first qualifier of the season in Windsor this weekend.

We have a big line up of gymnasts competing at the qualifier on Saturday and Sunday including:

Saturday line up: Maddie Ivey, Abby Walls and Talia Lees, Meah Bachart, Carleigh Rau, Abby Spence, Mady Hughes and Claudia Bartoszek

Sunday line up: Alannah Curley, Zoe Gauld, Isabella Rego, Jaya Doherty, Alexa Tucker, Sasha Sheinin, Kayla Barry, Maria Rob and Rhianne Robbins

Best of luck to these fantastic athletes and they kick off competition season in style. We’ll be cheering for you ladies!
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Here are the deets for those of you who’d like to follow along:
Meet location and schedule:
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