Dynamo tumblers hit routines at first meet hosted at Dynamo



Well, where do we start talking about our wildly successful Tumbling and Trampoline Tour Selection meet hosted at Dynamo on Sunday?
Perhaps like this? CONGRATULATIONS!!!
We are extremely proud to say Dynamo tumblers rocked their first meet of the season. For some of them, this was the first time they have ever competed in a tumbling competition, so these results are extra special.
Congratulations to tumbling director Denis Vachon and co-coach Mike Perrotte on the success of these gymnasts, and for setting an early and exciting pace for our athletes as the competition season gets underway.
We can’t wait to share some results, so here goes:
Level 3 Women’s Tumbling:
  • Rhianne Robbins 1st
  • Isabella Areias 4th
  • Olivia Laviolette 5th
Level 4 Women’s Tumbling:
  • Abby Spence 2nd
Level 5 Women’s Tumbling:
  • Madison Clinch 1st
  • Julia Laviolette 2nd
  • Patricia Meza 3rd
Level 5 Men’s Tumbling:
  • Kyle Weston 1st
Congratulations to our athletes, and also to the many Dynamo parent volunteers who worked so hard to organize this fabulous event for Gymnastics Ontario and tumblers across the province. You all made us proud!