Dynamo Gymnastics Sessions

Dynamo Gymnastics offers four sessions each Gymnastics Year
(during the gymnastics year: July 1 to June 30)

  • Summer Session: July to August
  • Fall Session: September to December
  • Winter Session: January to mid-March
  • Spring: Mid-March to June


Current Session

Fall Classes 2017

Fall 2017: (Session runs Sept. 9 to Dec.22)
Registration is now open to current and new membership. Registration is ongoing where program space is available. Classes are pro-rated according to time of booking.

Upcoming Session

Winter Classes 2018

Winter 2017 Registration Dates:
(Session runs January 6 to March 9) 

Current Membership: Saturday, Nov. 4
(starting Online and On-site at 9 a.m.)
New and General Membership: Saturday, Nov. 11
(starting Online and On-site at 9 a.m.)


Registration Information:

For information on how to register (online and on-site), visit Registration.
For class/program descriptions, visit Classes


* Class Switch Fee: As of our Spring 2015 session, only one class switch per student will be offered free of charge in a session. After the first switch, each request for a class change (initiated by the family) will be subject to a $10 fee (HST+). Any switches made by Dynamo will not be impacted by the class switch fee