Private Lessons

A great icing on the cake, private lessons are a fabulous way to help an athlete achieve specific goals through one-on-one instruction. Lessons are individualized for each athlete and are based on Dynamo’s developmental theories.

Lessons are most successful when paired with one of Dynamo’s curriculum-based programs. Lessons with one of our certified, advanced level coaches can be scheduled by contacting the office at 519-658-4670 or emailing

Private Lessons are booked by the hour as private or semi-private sessions:

  • Private:
    Level 2 Coach: $55/hr
    Level 3 Coach: $65/hr
    Level 4 Coach: $80/hr
  • Semi-private:
    Level 2 Coach: $40/hr
    Level 3 Coach: $50/hr
    Level 4 Coach: $65/hr
  • * HST applies to all fees. Non-members are required to pay additional $25 insurance fee to participate.

    Important: A penalty fee will be charged for those who do not show for booked private lessons without 4 hours notice of cancellation.

To request a private lesson, please email