Specialty Programs:

Dynamo offers a range of customized programs that can be tailor-made to suit your child or group’s needs or interests … or just entertain you!


NEW! MoveAbility Kids: Empowering children with special needs
A creative and adaptive gymnastics class built around children’s individual needs in an inclusive and controlled environment! Individual programming, small class ratios and qualified coaches help to empower children to engage in new movements goals while having fun and learning gymnastics! Run by MoveAbility Kids instructors in partnership with Dynamo.

About the program: MoveAbility was created to empower children with special needs to reach their full potential in sport and the arts. MoveAbility focuses on the rehabilitation of physical and mental disabilities and promotion of emotional growth through movement therapy programs such as gymnastics. 

While the program is hosted at Dynamo on Saturdays at 3 and 4 p.m., registration for this specialty program is directed by MoveAbility Kids. For information on the program, or to register visit MoveAbilityKids.ca.


Adult Gym Fit (18 years+): Thursdays 7:30 – 9 p.m.
(18 years +) | $15/per visit (HST+)
Are you looking for alternative ways to work out, gain strength, power and flexibility? Dynamo’s Adult Gym Fit program can offer fitness enthusiasts with something completely different from any other regular fitness class. Under the supervision and guidance of a highly certified coach, Adult Gym Fit participants will have full use of the club’s training facilities, including a sprung floor, Olympic-sized trampolines, uneven bars, beams and Tumble Trak apparatus, learning new ways to test the body, mind and soul. While this program is a great way for former gymnasts to get some time back in the gym, experience in gymnastics is not a requirement. Adult Gym Fit is a great way to combine an evening of exercise with some social fun.
A one-time $25 (HST+) insurance fee is required to participate.
Spots are limited. Book online here or on-site during regular office hours.


Team-building Retreat:
Our customized team-building events set the stage for a fun and physical outing for your staff. Our certified staff will plan a visit plan that caters to the goals your team strives to achieve, whether you’re looking for a chance to strengthen teamwork and trust within your staff or just looking an active and fun night out. Our certified staff will guide your staff through organized activities using our state-of-the-art training facility. A minimum of 8 participants is required. $150 per group of 10. Pre-booking is required. Email info@dynamogymnastics.ca or call 519-658-4670 to register.


Team Cross-Training Opportunities:
Is your team or sports club looking for a creative way to build core strength, flexibility and balance? Ever thought about gymnastics? There’s no better cross-training sport than gymnastics. It promotes core strength, flexibility and balance, offering a complementary activity guaranteed to enhance the foundations of many other sports. Our cross-training program is great for individuals or teams who are looking to supplement training by improving fundamental physical skills. A minimum of 8 participants is required. $150 per group of 10. Pre-booking is required. Email info@dynamogymnastics.ca or call 519-658-4670 to register.


Dynamo Display Team:
Our team of pre-competitive and advanced recreational athletes will come to your location to perform a choreographed routine guaranteed to brighten up any day! And it’s all free. Contact us at info@dynamogymnastics.ca or 519-658-4670 for more information.


Non-traditional Gymnastics Class
Dynamo Developers – Girls/ Boys (5 years and up) Class ratio – 6:1 (55 mins/week)

*This class is by invitation only **Parent/Guardian participation required
This class, teaches boys and girls the basic fundamentals of gymnastics as they explore our “just for kids” equipment specially designed to promote flexibility, co-ordination, balance and strength. This class provides a welcoming and safe environment for all children, an opportunity to learn, develop and have fun in a safe environment. Certified coaches guide young gymnasts and parents as they make their way through curriculum-based lessons and structured levels at their own pace. This class fosters a positive self-image and is a great way to keep active and make new friends. Contact us at info@dynamogymnastics.ca or 519-658-4670 for more information or to book an assessment.